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16 December 2009 @ 04:36 pm
He vuelto... y sólo por un quiz  
Jajajaja... jro que lo respondí de manera sincera... definitivamente lo capricornio nos une xDD
Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Xiah Junsu

Xiah Junsu? Well, let's see... You have a cute and adorable aura around you that people cant resist. You love cracking jokes and puns on the scene when there is obvious tension in the room. Cheering up is your specialty. You hate it when friends are fighting and tend to cry if they do. You would love to have a positive outlook on the world, because you are somewhat negative. You may seem like you're perfect but your not, just close. And just like junsu, you excell in schoolwork! YOU'RE A XIAH JUNSU!!!

Micky Yoochun
Max Changmin
Hero JaeJoong
U-know Yuhno
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